Put stickies on your web

Sticky notes is browser webextensions and iOS app that put the sticky on the web page. Write a note on it.

Get Started with:

Firefox (desktop & android) Chrome iOS


Tag, Color

  • Sticky can be categorized by tag.
  • Change the color of sticky


In sidebar, stickies are displayed in:

  • time order
  • alphabetical order of tag
  • alphabetical order of page


You can search stickies from:

  • note of sticky
  • title of page
  • tag name


Sync stickies between multiple browsers

  • Sync feature requires creating account and login

Contact Us

If there is a problem or a request, please email or report to this.
And I also watch a review of this site, Please feedback without hesitation.

Open source

StickyNotes is open source product. You can access Source code here